Hardware Engineering

In our abstract projecting, we use different kind of devices and strategies. Examples may be engines, vales, and more.

For those above mentioned services we use CAD-Systems, Comos PT, EPLAN 5.70, EPLAN P8 and ECSCAD. Besides of choosing the right software to do our job, we are also committed to guide the projects with our biggest passion, no matter if project management, consulting or building.

Software Engineering

We are more than excited to develop the industrial needs of our clients. We are experts in distributed control systems, however we are also gladly here for lending a hand for special solutions for the needs of our customers.

The preferred systems we are using to develop your unique software are PCS 7, Step 7, TIA-Portal, TIA-SCL, ABB 800 XA, Rockwell und B & R, Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)

Startup Operations

We have great comprehensive experiences in national and international star-ups of different kind of facilities. With the aid of the abstract projecting we then are developing the detailed project structures.